Tracker x Hunter: Top 10 Nen Abilities, Ranked

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Nen is uncommon vitality delivered by the living things in the Hunter X Hunter universe. Any individual can figure out how to outfit this vitality and use it to help their motivations. In spite of the fact that anybody can utilize Nen, it normally takes an immense measure of preparing to do as such, with just obvious prodigies having the option to utilize Nen without preparing.

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Nen capacities can show from various perspectives and they fall into 6 different classes: seer, producer, enhancer, controller, transmuter, and expert. This power framework is truly outstanding in anime and best anime of all time list this rundown will feature the 10 most grounded clients of Nen:



Shaiapouf has especially solid Nen, in any event, for a delusion subterranean insect. It's solid to the point that it causes even solid warriors to separate and submit before Shaiapouf. Shaiapouf's Nen awards him an assortment of capacities, for example, growing enormous, delightful wings.

At the point when these wings flop, they shed scales and through these scales, Pouf can peruse the feelings of the individuals who interact with his scales. Pouf figures this the mind boggling plans that he will in general lounge around and brainstorm. Pouf likewise has another capacity that enables him to part his body into smaller than expected forms of itself. Every variant has its own independence which makes it a very valuable capacity for recognizance.


Youpi's Nen class is enhancer and, much the same as most enhancers, his Nen capacity incredibly increases his physical ability. His Nen capacity transforms him into a murdering machine, as he can change and control any piece of his body.

With this, he can create extra appendages, organs and so forth, making him fit for a wide range of battle. This, joined with his boundless Nen yield, physical solidness and power, makes even a solitary blow from Youpi possibly lethal.



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Gon's Nen capacity enables him to add savage power to his confrontational battling style. Through moving his Nen in his arms, he can incredibly upgrade the quality of his assaults and these assaults generally takes on three structures: shake, paper or scissors. Shake is Gon's most grounded capacity.


He thinks his Nen around his clench hand before hitting with however much power as could reasonably be expected. With scissors, Gon concentrates the Nen around his fingertips which incredibly builds his cutting force. At last, paper is a more extended run assault where Gon releases/impels his Nen at an objective.


Godspeed is the Nen capacity of Killua Zoldyck. It is a transmuter type capacity that appears as lightning. Godspeed is isolated into two incredible applications. The principal application is Whirlwind, which awards Killua barbaric reflexes. In this express, Kullua's body responds naturally at whatever point he is in risk, making him amazingly difficult to hit.

This is done through utilizing his Nen to send electrical floods to his muscles, making them jerk a lot quicker, guaranteeing he responds in time. The other application is his Speed of Lightning capacity which incredibly upgrades his body control. With this, Killua is significantly more deft and snappy, having the option to cover enormous separations in brief period.



Zeno, much like his grandson, Killua is a capable transmuter. Zeno's air, normally molded as a winged serpent, packs a ton of ruinous power. Zeno is known for blending his common transmutation Nen with emanation Nen and, with this, he can dispatch his winged serpent towards his adversary.

His air is sufficiently able to effectively wreck structures with one hit. His Nen can be utilized in an assortment of ways, conceding him the capacity to be an incredible contender at both close and long-run. At short proximity, he can utilize his Dragon Head to dismantle his adversary and at long range he can dispatch various savage shots.


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Hisoka's Nen capacities are intended to befuddle an adversary in fight, and Hisoka himself attempts to confound his rivals when they attempt to comprehend reality behind his capacity. Hisoka enjoys incredible the disarray his forces cause and regularly strikes inside those minutes.

His Bungee Gum gives his quality clingy and moldable properties, making Bungee Gum an entirely adaptable capacity that can cover a huge scope of employments. It is tough enough to use for safeguard while likewise being clingy enough to trap a rival on offense. With Texture Spice, Hisoka can make dreams by applying various surfaces to his quality. This can be utilized to conceal his injuries during battle, which regularly befuddles his adversaries.



Kurapika's Nen is one of the additionally fascinating Nen capacities in Hunter X Hunter, because of the one of a kind impediments put on it by Kurapika. With his Nen capacity, Kurapika can call a chain. In spite of the fact that it appears to be little and harmless, the chain is amazing enough to effortlessly break stones.


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The chains have extraordinary mobility and Kurapika has drilled until he's arrived at a level where he can control them freely. Kurapika's chains can without much of a stretch entrap a rival and, when he gets them in that position, he can release his most grounded assault, Judgment Chain. This capacity folds a chain over an individual's heart and in the event that they don't do as Kurapika directions it strikes their heart.

3 Ability HUNTER

Chrollo is notorious for his outstanding Nen capacities and is viewed as gigantic, even among the best of Nen clients. His capacity appears as a book called "Outlaw's Secret".

In this book, he can keep the taken capacities of other Nen clients. This gives Chrollo a bookful of various Nen capacities that he can utilize at whatever point he satisfies. This has transformed Chrollo into perhaps the most grounded contender in the Hunter X Hunter world, and his adaptable style implies that he'll keep on being a danger for quite a while to come.



Isaac Netero went through quite a bit of his time on earth committed to preparing. This incredibly expanded his Nen capacity and, in the end, he turned into an ace of his battling style. In his life, Netero was accepted to have created a wide range of Nen Styles, yet his most grounded was viewed as his '100 Type Guanyin Bodhisattva'.

When Neterou utilizes this capacity, a Guanyin Bodhissittva shows behind him and each time Netero wills it, this mammoth animal hits his adversary with colossal power at extraordinary speed. Netero can utilize a shifting number of these hands with the power and speed of the assault expanding with each extra arm.

1 Atmosphere SYNTHESIS

Mereum was the delusion insect ruler. As a being with monstrous power, Mereum could without much of a stretch destruction the vast majority of the lifeforms in the Hunter X Hunter world. His Nen is of an excellent power which enables him to build itself by benefiting from different creatures with Nen.

At the point when this occurs, the OTAKUKAN he gets from his unfortunate casualties join with his very own to make him much more grounded. This can even outcome in Mereum building up an adaptation of his injured individual's Nen capacities.